From Climbing Stairs to Climbing Everest

Knee Replacement surgery by Apollo hospitals (Ahmedabad) Chief Joint Surgeon powers nearly 70 year old senior citizen to climb Mount Everest base 

68 years old Vijaynagar-Indore resident and retired SBI employee Mr Anil Sharma led a highly active life till severe Osteoarthritis of Knee joints brought his daily routine to a standstill. Unable to walk even 200 meters due to crippling pain, and frustrated with his curtailed lifestyle, Mr Sharma was forced to approach Dr KC Mehta (Director and Head, Knee Department, Apollo Hospitals International Limited Ahmedabad and Director & Head Chandra Knee Clinics). 

Climbing Everest Mountain

A special technique featuring minimal invasion, less tissue damage and zero use of diathermy not only led to a successful knee replacement surgery, but also ensured fast recovery. And that’s when the ‘magic’ started to unfold.
Mr Sharma started walking same day of surgery and surprised everyone by resuming active office duties in just a few weeks. In three months, the man was back in the outdoors that he loved - trekking away happily across destinations Kinnor valley, Laos spiti valley, Madhya Maheshwar, Rudra Nath and Anna Purna Devi camp. That’s not all! In a short 2 years after his surgery, Mr Sharma did quite the unthinkable by climbing right upto the base of Everest which is situated at seventeen thousand feet with 10 Kgs of weight on his shoulders.


Today, Mr Sharma’s astonishing turnaround tale does the rounds in professional corridors and patient circles. Indeed, Dr Mehta is known to jokingly answer his patients’ most common question - “Will I be able to climb stairs?” – with his now famous quip - “When Mr Sharma can climb till base of Mount Everest, you should not have any problem in climbing stairs at your home!” 

In this context, it must be noted that Dr Mehta is a veteran of this technique, and has successfully implemented it on thousands nationally and internationally. 

*This press release is published by VOH team.*

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