Can India's First Connected Hospital Bed Platform Solve Healthcare's Jigsaw?

Dozee and Midmark-India’s pioneering brainchild aims to revolutionize efficiency, safety and outcomes – with the hospital bed playing the central hero’s role. 

Dozee and Midmark India have joined hands to pioneer India's first connected bed platform that holds unprecedented power to automate and integrate real-time monitoring of patients (who are in hospital beds) with the larger healthcare framework and ecosystem… seamlessly.

A patient in a hospital spends a lion’s share of the time in bed, making the bed the central piece in the care jigsaw. Reimagining the bed digitally with next-generation and customized patient monitoring sensors and cloud-enabled AI-powered algorithms (that can empower informed decision-making) can therefore engineer a holistic jump in efficiency, automation, monitoring, safety and outcomes. Midmark’s superior design thinking with Dozee’s patented contactless sensors powered with cloud-enabled AI and early warning system (EWS) will form the bedrock for the exercise, turning beds across care points in India truly connected. 

Meant primarily for non-ICU environments, the specially engineered intelligent connected beds will allow care establishments and hospitals to seamlessly provide continuous patient monitoring in HDU, step-down ICU and any other non-ICU ward - which can directly amplify patient safety, clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Intelligently connected beds – particularly the kind being proprietarily developed by Dozee and Midmark – come with the ability to monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, ECG, and temperature. They also offer an EWS that provides alerts to the concerned healthcare providers for timely intervention. Such critical information can help healthcare professionals make agile and data-backed decisions. Further, these connected beds are integrated into central command centres and the hospital’s health management information system (HMIS).

Marking the occasion, Mudit Dandwate, CEO & Co-founder, Dozee said, "By integrating our technology with Midmark’s hospital bed portfolio, we have created a next-generation connected bed that enables hospitals have a seamless plug-and-play experience, hence offering a premium world-class experience to its patients. With this, we will definitely see a marked change in the way quality healthcare is delivered, putting India on the global connected health map.”

Commenting on the milestone, Sumeet Aggarwal, Managing Director, Midmark India, shared, “Better care happens by design; design that considers its purpose. We are committed to address these issues and lead the best healthcare experience for all. Development of the intelligent bed platforms in collaboration with Dozee is an outcome of this commitment. We strongly believe that connected care is the future that will not only improve access and efficiency but also impact the outcomes. We are excited to be part of the digital transformation.”

*This press release is published by VOH team.*

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