Dr. Arvind Sharma in the panel of board of directors of World Stroke Organization

Dr. Arvind Sharma, Neurophysician at Zydus Hospital Ahmedabad,   was elected as member of board of directors World Stroke Organisation(WSO) at the recently  held elections of WSO 2022.  Dr. Arvind Sharma would be taking over as board member on 28 Oct 2022 at World Stroke Congress (WSC) to be held at Singapore. Tenure of this post is from 2022 to 2026. 

The World Stroke Organization with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland is the only global body solely focused on stroke which is the second largest cause of death and a major cause of disability worldwide. Dr Sharma is the current secretary for Indian Stroke Association and Director of Brain - Heart Foundation. 

In the current scenario of large burden of stroke cases in the world including India, Dr Sharma looks forward to work with the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) and make a meaningful contribution towards stroke advocacy and awareness.

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