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23 Feb, 2020 -

Bridging two great destinies

Voice Of Healthcare (VOH) has been acting as a conduit between India and UK for a while now. While VOH has been working with several countries, relationship with UK has witnessed the maximum progress. The VOH think-tank strongly believes that initiatives like the India-UK Healthcare Conference is the need of the hour to bridge the gaps and lacunas that are preventing the industry from rising to its true potential on both sides of the Atlantic.

As a nodal think-tank and advocacy body for strategic, timely and sustainable advancement in the healthcare domain and its various allied sectors, Voice Of Healthcare (VOH) was born with a simple mission: To forge meaningful connections. Be it competencies, talent or goals, the idea was to bring similar voices on a common platform. Something that would allow an inclusive cross-section of stakeholders to re-assess the status quo through a finer and more informed lens, diagnose roadblocks and agree on route-maps that can take the sector forward as a cohesive unit for the greatest common good.

VOH has closely worked with DIT, UK over multiple milestone events in the past, such as the Manchester- Healthcare Delegation Meet in Delhi (attended by the Mayor of Great Manchester) that focussed on the Ease Of Doing Business, and the 3rd India UK Healthcare Leadership RoundTable (led by Lord David Prior – Chairman, NHS, England, amongst others) that focussed on emerging Artificial Intelligence and data-driven healthcare technologies (that came in the wake of the announcement of the India UK Technology partnership by Prime Ministers of the UK and India).

Great Britain is also one of the esteemed International Partners at the 5th International Healthcare Conference (being hosted in Mumbai on 5th & 6th of March 2020) on the theme of ‘SYNERGY, IDEAS, COLLABORATION: UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF INDIAN HEALTHCARE’.

Shared visions, Common journey

Consulate General of India in Birmingham, Dr. Aman Puri has responded to a higher calling and stepped forward to embrace a larger responsibility - for the greater good of Healthcare and humanity. His multi-faceted persona, visionary ideas and inspiring leadership is playing a defining role in carving new milestones and ushering new beginnings for Healthcare – not just in UK and India, but by extension, across the atlas.
We are witnessing a historic inflexion point as India and Great Britain stand on the cusp of great new beginnings. VOH will aim to play a humble role in expediting a bold new era of collaboration and co-creation - by unleashing unexplored synergies between the two great nations through roadmaps that are innovative, responsible and sustainable.

The VOH 5TH International Healthcare Conference is brought to you by VOH (

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