VOH- National healthcare council turns its healing focus to the South by mobilizing synergies and passions at its South round table.

12 Feb, 2020 - The VOH-National Healthcare Council SOUTH ROUNDTABLE 2020 was hosted at Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Bengaluru on 12 February 2020. Amongst the other esteemed personalities from the Healthcare space present were Mr Neeraj Lal (VOH-NHC, Regional President-South), Mr Sanjay Jha (VOH-NHC, Coordinator) and Mr Vikram Anand (VOH-NHC, Executive Member).

As an executive extension and implementation ‘wing’ of VOH (Voice of Healthcare), the VOH-NHC (National Healthcare Council) has been conceived to give life, shape and force to the VOH mission of advancing healthcare and addressing pressing intervention priorities via its motto of connecting, correcting and creating. Structurally and functionally, the VOH-NHC drives its agendas through its four regional chapters in South, West, North and East. Each chapter hosts its respective ROUNDTABLE to align members on roadmaps and action plans. The meet-up in Bengaluru was the first ROUNDTABLE for the Southern Chapter for the year 2020-21.

Amongst other dignitaries present were Mr SK Mittal (CEO - Narayana Nethralaya), Mr Sumit Marwah (CEO, Dispoline (Ins) Pvt Ltd), Ms Anu Moturi (CEO, Kriyamed), Mr Mudit Saxena (CEO - Ovum Hospital), Ms Reshma Narayan (Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital), Ms Manisha Kumar (GM, Columbia Asia Hospital) and Sushant (Regional Manager, Caspain Debt).

The spirited criss-cross of ideas and perspectives covered a wide span of themes, touching upon domains like. Over the proceedings, the following were singled-out as priority deliberation and intervention areas, going forward: (1) Pooling of resources: Manpower and Medical Devices, (2) Enhancing patient experiences by shared learning and training, and (3) Cutting down on the cost to bring operational efficiency in the system.

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