Ayurveda in MBBS Curriculum?

If Haryana Minister has its way, it may become a reality soon.

Are ancient healing systems about to make a comeback? In a recent move, the Haryana government has expressed an intent to introduce ayurveda in its medical studies curriculum.

According to state health minister Anil Vij, a year of ayurveda studies will be mandatory for students pursuing the MBBS course in any of the state’s 13 medical colleges. Six of these institutions are run directly by the government of Haryana. 

At an address during a yoga event, the BJP leader spoke to the media on the issue, going on record saying “To promote the traditional Indian medicines, we will incorporate a year of Ayurveda in five-year MBBS curriculum and if required, we are ready to fight for it. I have constituted teams to formulate and prepare the course programme for teaching ayurveda in MBBS”.

He further noted that the government intends to promote traditional medicines and incorporate them in the daily lifestyle of citizens, stressing that “Ayurvedic formulas can be tested in scientific labs”

Will the timeless knowledge of Ayurveda make the current learning system more holistic? Or will it – as some have opined - disturb the equilibrium and create confusion for students? Only time will tell.

*This press release is published by VOH team.*

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