Augnito Launches Its Developer Portal To Abridge Integration Timelines

The Medical Voice AI provider’s self-service APIs to explore, test & on-board their software reinforces a commitment to human-centric design 

13th February 2023, Mumbai: Augnito, one of the fastest-growing AI-powered clinical speech recognition providers in the global healthcare market recently launched its state-of-the-art developer portal. With Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) APIs, the service will further reduce integration time.

Augnito hopes to empower potential product partners with the independence to test their offering with a user-friendly interface. The platform hosts step-by-step guides, Sandbox environments, SDKs, documentation, and all other development resources an engineering team may require. Their objective— to enable partners to easily evaluate the power of Augnito Voice Services before investing any money, time or effort.

“Too often, we’ve heard individuals and enterprises complain about the multiple hoops they have to jump through just to see if a product is viable for them or not. Often, trial and integration timelines are unnecessarily elongated due to complexities in the pre-sales experience. At Augnito, our products have been developed with a thoroughly user-focused approach. Some may think that translates only to medical professionals who eventually use the software, but we thought it was imperative to craft an experience for our product partners as well,” says Rustom Lawyer, Co-Founder & CEO.

One of Augnito’s key APIs is Voice Services—a real-time medical dictation service that accurately converts voice to text (with 99% straight out of the box accuracy and no voice profile training requirements). It is already incredibly easy to integrate with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR)/ Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/ Health Information System (HIS)/ Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)/ Radiology Information System (RIS)/ Laboratory Information System (LIS) applications—as minimal coding is required to get started. Voice Services is currently integrated with 70+ clinical systems across the world—including Fujifilm (Middle East & India), Hexarad (UK), Wellbeing (UK), Kranium (India), Next Gen Healthcare (India), and Chartnote (USA).

Typically, integration with Voice Services takes just up to 48 hours. Augnito offers plug-and-play SDKs for a wide range of web, desktop and mobile applications that support C#, JavaScript, Flutter, React, and several others. They even have custom SDKs and built-in libraries for comprehensive voice-based editing on popular text editors such as Microsoft Word, CKEditor, Plate.js, and more. Finally, there’s no need to purchase any additional hardware, as Augnito also provides a free-to-download mobile mic app (iOS & Android) and mobile mic SDK for seamless dictation.

In its three short years, Augnito has reduced clinical documentation timelines, helped mitigate physician burnout, increased revenue for healthcare organisations, reduced insurance claim rejections, and improved overall patient outcomes.

*This press release is published by team VOH.*

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