SAMRIDH Healthcare invests in Critical Care Hope to catalyze tele-ICUs across the nation

The collaboration will allow Critical Care Hope’s partner hospitals to deliver critical care services across tier-2 and 3 towns in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab - with a certified critical care physician to remotely manage 60-80 ICU patients. 

SAMRIDH Healthcare has committed Rs 3.2 crores to Critical Care Hope with the goal of expanding the reach of its tech-enabled hub-and-spoke Tele-ICU platform for healthcare providers in tier two and three cities, and thereby amplify critical care services across the country. 

The arrangement will allow certified critical care physician to remotely manage 60-80 ICU patients across multiple locations. To expedite the mission, Critical Care Hope plans to onboard 12 partner hospitals in tier two and three towns in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab for critical care services delivery. 

Himanshu Sikka (Project Director, SAMRIDH, and Chief Strategy and Diversification Officer, IPE Global) marked the partnership by saying, “India’s uneven urban-rural distribution of health infrastructure and workforce, with a heavy bias towards the urban cities, has been a critical roadblock in delivering equitable healthcare services. Through this collaboration, we aim to ensure timely intervention of critical care experts for patients in tier 2, 3 and rural areas, where there are currently limited or no tertiary care centres.”

The proposed hub and spoke model by Critical Care Hope is expected to create dedicated command centres called HOPES (Health Outcomes Focused Preventions and Evaluation System). Each HOPE will function in the capacity of a centralised management (hub) for patients in need of critical care in remote sites (spokes). The HOPES hubs are aimed at converging ICU specialists, advanced medical technologies, expertise and local hospitals on a single platform, thereby centralizing 24x7 patient monitoring, data collection, analysis, protocolled care and treatment interventions. 

Shailesh Jhawar, Founder and Director, Critical Care Hope, expressed on the coming together of forces, “The issue with our healthcare system is that we face significant challenges in bridging the urban-semi-urban-rural healthcare divide. Technological innovations in healthcare are a must to bridge these gaps and deliver value-based solutions to underserved areas. With support from SAMRIDH, we will be able to scale our operations and continue to innovate and deliver last-mile clinical services.” 

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