Pregnant women gather to practice yoga birthing an ancient technique on International Yoga Day by Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital

June 20, 2023: Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital (HN RFH) hosted an open yoga birthing session where pregnant moms were seen performing yoga to strengthen their mental and physical fitness levels. This was conducted at Mumbai’s largest state-of-the-art centre with renowned therapists in rehabilitation and sports medicine. 

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Known for its holistic healing techniques, yoga is not yet explored to its full potential when it comes to pregnant women. There was a study done in 2021 to investigate the effects of Yoga on pregnancy, delivery, and neonatal outcomes. Basis this Iranian study, yoga reduced the induction of labor, the episiotomy rupture, and the duration of labor, also had a significant effect on normal birth weight and delivery at the appropriate gestational age. There were significant differences between the first and second Apgar scores of the infants.

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“Through these demonstrations, we want to spread awareness about the benefits of our age-old sciences like Yoga. The premium infrastructure at HN RFH plays a huge role in enabling therapies like these. With the right guidance, Yoga can help prevent and heal many illnesses and even help with healthier pregnancies,” Dr. Aashish Contractor, Director, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai.

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Women’s health in urban areas is a cause of concern especially during pregnancy. With fast-paced lives, pollution and incorrect eating habits, pregnancy health in women is far from ideal. Many women also suffer from mental health issues pre or post-partum. 

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‘Yoga is a holistic science and works on the body, mind and spirit of the mother-to-be. If the mind is relaxed and at ease, it is easier for the body to be in sync and aligned. Most mothers who practice Yoga Birth at our programme at HN Reliance Foundation have birthed naturally. One patient with repeated miscarriages and an IVF pregnancy was able to give birth naturally too, much to her and our surprise. It is the release of fears, doubts and the sense of confidence imparted in this program that enables the girls to go through their labour with calm and confidence.” Nityatara Raina – Yoga therapist at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital.

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