Hempstreet & myUpchar join forces to boost awareness and access to cannabis-based medicines to tackle mass ailments in India

New Delhi, June 21, 2023: HempStreet, India's first research-to-retail venture in the ayurvedic cannabis sector has formed a partnership with myUpchar. myUpchar is an innovative platform that educates patients about different medical conditions and offers end-to-end services ranging from content to consultations to medication. Through their joint efforts, Hempstreet and myUpchar have introduced a dedicated content section that will serve as a valuable resource for patients seeking information about cannabis-based medicines. The hemp and cannabis-based medicines of Hempstreet have also been made available to patients, only if deemed necessary by doctors. This is a step forward in providing en masse, solutions to India’s mass ailments that can be tackled via the responsible dispensation of cannabis-based medication.

Established in 2019, HempStreet has been leveraging the growing popularity of the age-old science of Ayurveda to provide cannabis-based medicines to tackle some of India’s mass ailments. With the primary objective to address various ailments by responsibly dispensing cannabis-based medication, Hempstreet has successfully created awareness and placed medicines among over 21,000 doctors across India. myUpchar has emerged as a leader in online patient awareness for a range of medical conditions. With a web presence in six languages, they currently attract more than 125 million monthly visits.

Through myUpchar’s widespread networks and resources, the collaboration between Hempstreet and myUpchar will ensure extensive awareness and availability of cannabis-based medicines throughout the country. Additionally, the partnership encompasses future plans to introduce a range of products aimed at assisting patients in alleviating ailments that can be effectively treated with hemp and cannabis. 

Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Mohan, Founder & CEO, Hempstreet stated, “In keeping with our commitment of partnering only with the absolute best, we have, after years of waiting, finally decided to take the online plunge with myUpchar. I greatly admire what Rajat and his team have built into what is undoubtedly the world’s largest of its kind and their recent swing to profitability only underlines their absolute focus on building a mass-scale business that is sustainable. Both Hempstreet and myUpchar have, since inception, built for the real India, and will continue to solve real problems.”

Rajat Garg, Founder & CEO, myUpchar stated, “myUpchar is building the world's largest repository of multilingual health content and is committed to bringing various disciplines of healthcare to customers so that they can make informed decisions. We were happy to see Hempstreet’s approach to launching hemp and cannabis-based clinically validated products which are recommended by a large number of doctors. In Hempstreet, we found a great partner in co-developing Hemp and cannabis-related medical content for the benefit of users.”

This partnership is set to achieve unprecedented reach, exponentially surpassing the industry's current scale. This is in line with Hempstreet’s vision to scale to provide sustainable and responsibly dispensed solutions from India to tackle mass ailments across the globe.

*This press release is published by VOH team.*

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