Around 15 cancer kid patients along with the team of Wadia Hospital immerses Lord Ganesha made out of chocolate in the 10 litres of Milk

26 Aug, 2020

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

Mumbai:  Bai Jerabai Wadia Hospital, took a unique initiative for the immersion of the Lord Ganesha in the 10 litres of milk to save environment and maintain religious aspects among patients at the Hospital. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is always celebrated with the lot of enthusiasm and devotion in Maharashtra.

Around 15 Cancer kids’ patient made Chocolate idol using 1.5 kgs chocolate at Wadia Hospital. Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, Devotees have been asked to immerse Ganesh idols within the closest proximity in order to ensure physical distancing, safety and convenience.

Dr Minnie Bodhanwala EOC, Wadia Hospital, said: “We are very much pleased to see the idol made by kids from the chocolate under the guidance of teacher. Lord Ganesha known as Vignaharta, always gives strength and blessings to everyone to fight the ailment and be a warrior. To overcome the situation and lighten the festive mood in the hospital we did the unique initiative activity of idol immersion in Milk. Kids love chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is rich in calcium — the main mineral present in your bones. your body needs. We thought this will make kids happy and it will be safe and maintain environment friendly.”

Arshiya Shaikh Mohd Salim 13yrs old was also present for the visarjan. Shes a patient of Leukaemia, who completed the treatment of cancer and won her battle after 2.5 yrs says, “ This is my favourite festival and I am very happy to be a part of idol making. We all enjoyed a lot and forgot all our pains in this activity. I pray Bappa to keep everyone safe and healthy.”

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