ZEISS SMILE: Pioneering Vision Correction Technology Experiencing Rapid Adoption in India

11 - Aug - 2023: ZEISS Medical Technology, which remains committed to driving progress, efficiency, and access to healthcare technology, supporting doctors to improve their patients' quality of life, has seen a significant rise in the adoption of SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) technology in India. As a groundbreaking and minimally invasive vision correction procedure, ZEISS SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) procedures have experienced fast growth in the Indian market, revolutionizing the way people address refractive errors and achieve clearer vision.

ZEISS SMILE represents a paradigm shift in laser eye surgery, providing patients with a reliable and precise solution to common vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. Since its introduction to the Indian market in 2008, ZEISS SMILE has garnered widespread attention and acceptance from both eye care professionals and patients due to its unique advantages and transformative benefits. In the past 10 years, 200,000+ eyes have been successfully treated by ZEISS SMILE procedures in India. Globally, ZEISS has facilitated 8 million + SMILE procedures. 

Key features and benefits of ZEISS SMILE technology include:

•    Minimally Invasive Procedure: ZEISS SMILE requires only a tiny incision, typically around 2mm, making it a minimally-invasive and flapless laser eye surgery. This helps to reduce the risk of complications and contributes to a quicker recovery for patients.

•    Enhanced Safety: The procedure involves the use of femtosecond laser technology, which allows for precise and gentle treatment. With its high level of safety, ZEISS SMILE has been widely recognized as a well-suited option for a broad range of patients across all professions and lifestyles, particularly for defense and military personnel, athletes of all levels, people in the fashion industry, university students and prospective brides to name a few. Faster Recovery: Patients can experience faster visual recovery with ZEISS SMILE compared to traditional LASIK procedures. Many individuals report improved vision almost immediately after the surgery.

•    High Precision: ZEISS SMILE employs cutting-edge laser technology, enabling eye care professionals to achieve an exceptionally accurate and predictable outcome in vision correction.

•    Reduced Dry Eye Incidence: As ZEISS SMILE does not require the creation of a corneal flap, it may lead to a reduced occurrence of dry eye symptoms, offering a more comfortable post-operative experience for patients.

"Lenticule Extraction with ZEISS SMILE has emerged as a game changer for individuals seeking a spectacle-free life. It is not just a procedure; it empowers individuals to see the world with newfound sharpness and freedom. I recommend this Lenticule Extraction procedure to eligible patients currently wearing minus-powered glasses, be it for sphere or cylinder correction, or astigmatism. In my point of view, the unparalleled precision offered by ZEISS SMILE is a hallmark of this cutting-edge refractive technology. With very accurate correction, patients experience clear vision. The procedure involves only a very small incision, leading to a smaller wound and allowing for an early recovery. This aspect is particularly noteworthy, as patients can quickly resume their daily activities with minimal downtime.

Moreover, Lenticule Extraction with ZEISS SMILE has been proven to provide long-term stability, and complications are remarkably infrequent, making it a safe and reliable option for vision correction. As an ophthalmologist, witnessing the life-changing results that ZEISS SMILE offers to patients is truly gratifying. I firmly believe that ZEISS SMILE represents the future of modern refractive technology. The shift towards lenticule-based procedures is inevitable. I foresee other refractive technologies across the globe adopting this revolutionary approach” said Dr Sonu Goel, Phaco Refractive Surgeon, Director, Anand Eye Hospital

“I believe, Lenticule Extraction with ZEISS SMILE is one of the paths to a sharp vision. With over a decade of outstanding experience, our Center proudly endorses ZEISS SMILE as a solution for laser refractive correction. Our patients consistently report great visual outcomes and long-term stability without unwanted after-effects such as residual dry eye. SMILE stands out as the preferred choice, empowering individuals to swiftly resume their regular lifestyle merely days after the procedure. I wholeheartedly recommend SMILE to every eligible individual seeking freedom from glasses.” said  Dr. Aadithreya Varman, Director, Uma Eye Clinic

“Within the realm of ophthalmology, the SMILE procedure stands as a remarkable testament to the blend of innovation and best patient outcome. I believe as surgeons our commitment extends beyond just correcting refractive errors; it is about creating a brighter world for each individual who entrusts us. Through surgical precision, SMILE is carving pathways to clearer sight and enhanced quality of life. I recommend SMILE to those who are eligible for Refractive Surgery, especially for athletes and sports enthusiasts as it avoids flap-related complications and ensures fast recovery. It is a minimally invasive, painless and flapless technique for the Myopic population as well as for individuals with milder forms of Astigmatism. SMILE has been delivering a good experience for me and my patients. I feel this technique is the future of Refractive Surgery.”  said Dr Ramya Sampath, Regional Head - Clinical Services, Dr. Agarwal Eye Clinic

As ZEISS SMILE continues to gain popularity, it represents a significant advancement in the field of vision correction. Its precision, safety, and quick recovery times make it a compelling choice for both eye care professionals and patients who are seeking a reliable and effective solution for their refractive errors. With its ongoing growth and adoption in India and around the world, ZEISS SMILE is reshaping the way people achieve a clearer vision and improving the quality of life for countless individuals.

ZEISS Medical Technology division is committed to working closely with Indian eye care professionals to expand access to ZEISS SMILE technology and ensure the best possible patient outcomes in the region.  

By collaborating with leading eye care professionals, reputable clinics and eye centers, ZEISS aims to ensure that more individuals can benefit from this cutting-edge procedure for vision correction.

*This PR is published by VOH team.*

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