CK Birla Hospital Signs MOU with Intuitive India for launching Fourth Gen da Vinci Surgical Robot

25th August 2023: One of the leading healthcare service providers - CK Birla group, having a legacy of over 50 years, has done a collaboration with ‘Intuitive India’ to launch the state-of-the-art latest da Vinci Surgical Robot. The debut of the Fourth Gen da Vinci Surgical Robot, renowned as one of India's most advanced medical technologies, reflects CK Birla Hospital's unwavering commitment to enhancing patient care by providing them with access to cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

The launch event was held in the honourable presence of Mr. Vipul Jain, Chief Business Officer, the CK Birla Hospital® along with Mr. Henry Charlton Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer and Mr. Mandeep Singh Kumar, VP and Country GM, Intuitive India among many other luminaries.

With this MoU, the CK Birla Hospital® is ready to usher in a new age of surgical excellence and patient-centered care. This collaboration is an important step in achieving CK Birla Hospital and Intuitive’s shared goal of improving healthcare through access to and incorporation of innovative minimally invasive technologies.

The installation of Intuitive’s fourth-generation robotic-assisted technology is set to support surgery, enabling precision and, in some cases, improved patient outcomes, such as reduced post-operative complications. The innovative features of the da Vinci system, such as advanced instrumentation and vision, empowers surgeons with superior control and visualization during surgical procedures.

Commenting on this pivotal collaboration, Mr. Vipul Jain, Chief Business Officer, the CK Birla Hospital® said, "Our dedication to offering global healthcare standards drives us to adopt advanced medical innovations. Through this MoU with Intuitive, we aim to redefine patient care by incorporating robotic-assisted surgery into our practices. The benefits of Robotic Assisted Surgery are profound and include minimal blood loss, reduced pain, quicker recovery, and enhanced precision. The integration of the da Vinci system exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional quality healthcare and setting new benchmarks for patient care."

The adoption of da Vinci technology aligns with the CK Birla Hospital's mission to provide ethical, compassionate, and patient-centric healthcare. The collaboration will also include comprehensive technology training and support from Intuitive India for senior surgeons at the CK Birla Hospital®.

Mr Jain further stated "We are pleased to introduce the latest Fourth Gen Da Vinci robotic surgical system across several critical specialties. This pioneering technology will be utilized across multiple medical disciplines such as Oncology, Urology, Minimal Access, Bariatric and Robotic Surgery, Gynecology, General Surgery, and Thoracic Surgery etc. By leveraging this advanced platform, surgeons can manipulate instruments guided by a console, facilitating robot-assisted minimally invasive procedures. This technology promises substantial benefits to our patients, including reduced hospital stays and accelerated recovery, maintaining the functional as well as aesthetic outcomes."

The da Vinci Surgical Robot empowers the surgeons to execute intricate surgeries with heightened precision and adaptability. Recovery periods are expedited compared to conventional surgical methods.

Intuitive Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer Henry Charlton said, “In the past decade, we have witnessed a global surge in the adoption of minimally invasive technology.  Our MoU with the CK Birla Hospital® underscores our commitment to work together with customers to enable access to innovative and outcomes-focused minimally invasive surgical technology. We believe this collaboration will help contribute to the growth of India’s surgical-healthcare ecosystem. "

CK Birla Hospital is committed to a continuous enhancement in surgical techniques through technology upgrade, prioritizing safety, minimally invasive procedures, and cost-effectiveness. Equipped with the state-of-the-art Da Vinci Robot, the surgeons can proficiently conduct complex surgeries with the aid of computer-guided, magnified, 3D visualization, yielding impressive outcomes.

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