A Mission to Democratize India’s Healthcare … Digitally

Digital Healthcare leader VIVEO Health launches in India, plans to bridge country’s digital divide by making medical care accessible and affordable. 

Estonia based integrated tele-health innovator and digital health consultation provider VIVEO Health has announced the launch of its India chapter. The move is a response to the rising demand for remote consulting via technology platforms that ensures socially distanced safety to both patient and care giver in the times of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Setting foot in Mumbai and Pune now to start with, VIVEO Health is slated to enter Bengaluru soon, and should be in the cities of Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad by early 2021



It is no co-incidence that VIVEO Health is from Estonia – a nation whose economy & culture is highly digitized and sports the largest number of unicorns (per capital) in the world. Estonia was the first country to introduce digital health records and disrupt the e-prescription world. It is this fertile land of ideas and innovation that provided the cradle for VIVEO Health’s birth in 2017. 



In India, the company aims to take forward its global mission of holistically empowering the healthcare terrain with seamless, secure and convenient digital healthcare solutions that straddle high demand areas such as telemedicine and telehealth consultations, e-prescriptions, notes, summery and treatment plans. VIVEO Health has begun its journey in India purposefully : It has already on-boarded 4200 doctors and the team is confident of adding another 20,000 doctors over the next six months.



VIVEO Health’s model is designed to benefit both sides of the patient-caregiver spectrum. At the patient side, it brings the safety of contact-less communication with experts. It also turns diagnosis and treatment more accessible and affordable in remote areas, thanks to India’s fast growing digital networks. At the practitioner side, the brand’s multi-faceted service platter helps smoothen workflow practices, enables expansion of market & patient base, and empowers businesses to conduct transactions over a secure and hassle-free platform. Doctors and caregivers are not charged by the company - instead, they have the choice of opting for either a subscription based model or a transaction based one.



VIVEO Health has tied-up with payment gateway brands such as Stripe and is partnered with firms like PharmEasy and SRL diagnostics to enhance and widen its product basket. The leadership is also in talks with insurance companies and hospitals boost the experience for adopters. Going forward, VIVEO Health will consider expanding operations in additional categories also explore setting up a Centre in India. 



Commenting on the big occasion, Prasant Mohanty (Director- India Business at Viveo Health) shared, “At VIVEO Health, we see a big opportunity to bridge the digital divide in India. Our convenient and flexible innovations can finally bring the Haves and Have-nots on a common platform. With growing mobile usage and internet penetration across the length and breadth of the country, we aim to cover vast, hitherto-unaddressed demographics and regions. This will make medical care truly democratic and healthcare truly inclusive. India’s tech and pharma sectors are on the threshold of a massive explosion, and that can only help our mission. Yes, the current pandemic situation will pose a challenge, but we are confident emerging triumphant and achieving the goals we have set for our India journey. I urge healthcare forums like voiceofhealthcare to support the cause and spread the word.”

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