The Healthcare, Medical & HealthTech Impact Community in Aspire Circles Impact Future Project

16 March 2021, Gurgaon : The Healthcare, Medical & HealthTech (HLTH) Impact Community, created under the auspices of Aspire Circle’s Impact Future Project (IFP), met for the second time today to identify the Top Ten HLTH investment opportunities for India in the next decade (2020-30). 

The IFP has been commissioned by Aspire Impact, a social enterprise, and hosted by Aspire Circle, a non-profit trust; twin initiatives focused on leadership and ecosystem development in the social and environmental impact space. The IFP is a collaborative platform for impact leaders to create research & knowledge, awareness & advocacy, and education & training for the imminent Impact Economy. IFP’s mission is to usher an era of Impact Capitalism in India. IFP will spark an appreciative enquiry to understand our Impact Future. Organised in ten impact communities, of 25-30 leaders each, it is aligned with SDGs and Government of India programs.  200+ leaders have already onto IFP. 

Amit Bhatia, Founder of Aspire Impact & Aspire Circle, shared his excitement about IFP and stated that it will prepare India Inc. for Impact Transparency; integrating social and environmental impact in corporate reporting. He said, “The world has moved $40 trillion from commercial to impact-investment continuum over two decades. We must prepare India Inc. for this era of Impact Capitalism. The environmental cost of the leading 35 Indian companies is three times their net profit, at $200 billion, making India Inc. vulnerable and uncompetitive. IFP will enable India Inc. to embrace Impact Assessment, Reporting &  Accounting and initiate a long-term transformation with investing for impact. IFP will help unlock $1 trillion for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support India’s ambition to become a $10 trillion economy by 2030.” 

Healthcare, Medical and HealthTech is one of the ten SDG-aligned Impact Communities at IFP. The community leaders– health practitioners, health investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, media and government meet every quarter for 3-hour brainstorming sessions to identify the top ten Impact Investment Ideas. Impact Ideas competing for slots in the top ten include gene therapy, tech-enabled operational efficiencies, impact-aligned health incentives, e-healthcare & tele-health, and stem cell medicine.

The second meeting of the Healthcare, Medical & HealthTech Community was hosted successfully on March 16. The HLTH community has 25 eminent members including three Co-Chairs, 2 Co-Hosts and 2 Knowledge Partner Representatives. Ravi Kant (ex-CEO- Tata Motors, Board of Director- MedTherapy), Anant Maheshwari (President– Microsoft India) and Visalakshi Chandramouli (Managing Partner– Tata Capital Healthcare Funds) are the three Co-Chairs of the IFP HealthTech Community. Harvard Medical School (HMS) is the Knowledge Partner with Dr. Kee Park and Dr. Tarinee Kucchal as Representatives. The IFP is hosted by Amit Bhatia, Founder-Aspire and Neha Gupt, Director-IFP. 

“We are delighted to support the leaders from different stakeholder groups on one common platform to discuss, deliberate and identify the path to an Impact Economy. The discussions will be curated into an “Ideas for Impact” book which will be taken to all relevant regulatory authorities and stakeholders and shared with the States for their Investment programs. We aim to bring India Inc. closer to its Impact Future,” said Neha Gupt, Director, Impact Future Project. 

The IFP recommendations and ideas, with 250+ co-authors, will be released in Q4, 2021. 


About Aspire Impact (

Aspire Impact is a social enterprise focused on leadership and ecosystem development in social and environmental impact. Aspire develops Impact Science and supports scaled impact for organizations through Corporate Impact Assessments, Executive Education & Training, Impact Start-Up Support, Seed Impact Investments & an Impact Future Project.

About Aspire Circle (

Aspire Circle (aka Aspire Action Trust), a not-for-profit founded in 2007, promotes enlightened social leadership. It builds and scales three impact initiatives- Fellowships, Scholarships & Internships, to catalyze India’s leadership capabilities in social impact. Aspire Circle has created 202 Fellows to date and has awarded 33 scholarships. Aspire Circle further manages three programs: National Impact Mission (NIM), Clean Air Mission (CAM) and the Impact Future Project (IFP).

About the Impact Future Project (IFP)

The Impact Future Project (IFP) is a thought-leadership platform and an “appreciative enquiry” about the imminent Impact Economy or Capitalism 2.0. The initiative is for the public good, to generate bold, transformative investment ideas for 2030. IFP is bringing together 250-300 visionary business, investment, government, non-profit and media leaders, in communities of 25-30 each, to create new research & knowledge, awareness & advocacy, and, education & training. In the process, we will inspire India Inc. to embrace Impact Capitalism and embed an Impact DNA for long-term competitiveness.

About the Healthcare, Medical & HealthTech Community 

Aspire Circle IFP’s HLTH Community has the following 25 members:

    1) Amit Bhatia, Founder- Aspire Impact & Aspire Circle
    2) Anant Maheshwari, President- Microsoft India 
    3) Dr. Ajay Nair, CEO- Swasth
    4) Dr. Kee Park, Lecturer- Harvard Medical School 
    5) Dr. Megha Bhargava, Dty Commissioner- Income Tax, GoI 
    6) Dr. Naveen Nishchal, Co-Founder- Meddo Health
    7) Dr. S. Aravind, CMO- Aravind Eye Hospitals
    8) Dr. Shikha Sharma, Founder- NutriHealth
    9) Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, Founder& CEO- Cygnus Healthcare 
  10) Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder- IndiaSpend
  11) Hemant Manohar, Former Head- IMS Health 
  12) K V Rao, MD & CEO- Shubhaarogya
  13) Kewal Handa, Former CEO- Pfizer 
  14) Manoj Kumar, Former CEO- Glaxo Smithkline
  15) Manoj Kumar, Co-Founder- Social Alpha 
  16) Neeraj Mohan, Operating Partner- Blackstone 
  17) Neha Gupt, Director-Impact Future Project, Aspire Circle
  18) Rahul Agrawal, Director- Quadria Capital 
  19) Rajiv Gulati, Former President- Ranbaxy
  20) Ravi Kant, Former CEO & VC- Tata Motors 
  21) Sameer Wagle, MD- Asian Healthcare Fund
  22) Shan Bannirchelvam, MD- Global Impact Partnerss
  23) Tarinee Kucchal, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School 
  24) Vikram Anand, Founder- Capbuild Skills 
  25) Visalakshi Chandramouli, Managing Partner- Tata Capital Healthcare Fund 

For enquiries, please contact: 
  Nupur Kaul, PR Consultant (; +91-99583 58883)
  Suchitra Marwah, Director- Aspire Impact (

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