KG Hospital performs 20 hour complicated liver transplant surgery , saves a 12 year old.

19th April 2021: The mother who donated her liver to perform an organ transplant on the girl- Doctors who treated her for 20 hours and saved her life.

A 12-year-old girl from Trichy suddenly fell ill and was admitted to a private hospital there. The doctors who examined the girl said, 'The girl has high levels of sugar in her body. Liver function is low and liver transplant surgery should be done immediately.

Later, She was admitted to KG Hospital in Coimbatore for further treatment. The girl was admitted to the hospital by her parents on March 10. The girl underwent a successful liver transplant and returned home safe and sound.

In this connection, the head of the KG hospital, Dr. Bakthavathsalam said: The liver function of the girl was affected due to the hepatitis virus. In the event of such a malfunction, the impurities in the body are not expelled. If the bile stays inside, the blood becomes contaminated and dizziness occurs. The body becomes weak. Vomiting occurs with whatever you eat.

Therefore, it was decided to carry out liver transplant surgery. For this, the girl's mother volunteered to donate her liver. Organ transplantation is usually performed in two ways. One is to obtain the organs of those who have suffered a stroke and perform organ transplant surgery. 2nd, obtaining an organ from a living person and performing surgery. Type 2 organ transplant surgery, full of complications. This requires treatment in 2 operating theatres simultaneously.

Accordingly, a portion of the liver was removed from the girl's mother and immediately implanted in the baby. The girl's heart stopped beating twice during the operation. However, doctors tried and recovered the pulse. It took 20 hours to complete the treatment. Thus a liver can be donated to a living person and successfully KG. Hospital Organ done the 2nd method.

The operation was carried out at a cost of Rs 20 lakh. Doctors Karthik Mathivanan, Thiagarajan and R. Senthilkumar are to be commended for the success of this complex surgery.

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