Detection, Identification and Quantification of 41 HPV-STI types/species in a single-tube and single-PCR reaction with ChapterDx & Premas Life Sciences

22 May 2021: Premas Life Sciences (PLS) and ChapterDx (a US based company) has announced a new sales distribution agreement, appointing Premas Life Sciences as technology and knowledge distributor of the comprehensive HPV-STI (Human papillomavirus- sexually transmitted infection) NGS kit in India. ChapterDx comprehensive HPV-STI assay is a proprietary NGS- based method that detects, genotypes and quantifies 28 HPVs and 13 STIs including internal control in a specimen. It is a single-tube and single-PCR method using type/species-specific primers for uniform application. The assay is low cost, has a simple and user-friendly workflow and is easy to automate. The kit includes a data analysis software also.



Through this partnership, Premas Life Sciences will empower ChapterDx’s revolutionizing technology in reducing healthcare issues associated with such sexually transmitted infections.
Dr Baback Gharizadeh, Chief Scientific Officer, ChapterDx commented; We are very excited to work with Premas life sciences, a company with NGS and clinical/research expertise, to bring the comprehensive HPV-STI assay that detects and quantifies 41 sexually transmitted infections cost effectively in a single test. Moreover, the broad spectrum STI assay provides a wide overview of STDs in a patient, which also allows i) efficient and improved course of treatment for each patient, ii) drug resistance management, iii) STI transmission management and iv) healthcare cost-efficiency. We believe that this is a perfect fit for India’s STI testing settings.
Dr Ashutosh Upaddhyay, Clinical Product Manager, Premas Life Sciences said: We at Premas Life Sciences pride ourselves in bringing cutting edge technologies in the area of Genomics & Cell Biology to India. We are elated to add ChapterDx for HPV and STI screenings to our ensemble menu of niche technologies.

According to reports, the global incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STI) is very daunting. There are 1.1 billion (1 out 7) people infected with STIs globally (excluding HIV). Situations become even more scary as many of STDs are often symptom-free. They are silent infections resulting in serious and fatal health consequences. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is sexually transmitted, and has lifetime risk of contraction leading to possible cervical cancer incidences. We are proud to have a genomic screening solution available for Indian population which provides early detection with better sensitivity. ChapterDx kit is a NGS based screening solution that does not need any specialized man power. Looking at the Indian population and infection rate, we find it one of the best methods for HPV and STI screening with better precision and accuracy.

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