Vertices Partners Launches Menstruation matters on International Day of Action for Women Health and World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021 - Aims to improve menstrual health management of women in the firm

28 May 2021: Vertices Partners, a Mumbai based niche law firm, has launched menstruation matters, a three months’ long program designed to transform the way women approach their menstrual health management. The firm has collaborated with Inaari, a women’s health platform to engage the women members of the firm in a series of insightful group sessions, smaller interventions, personal journaling and group reflections to understand their own menstruation health and how it may affect not only some underlying health challenges and issues related to hormonal imbalance such as PMS, period cramps, weight gain, PCOS, PCOD, migraine but also help them to optimise other aspects of their lives such as productivity, sleep, mood and energy levels through a better understanding of their menstrual health.

Standard initiatives around menstruation health undertaken by the corporate world are normally restricted to offering paid leaves and distributing sanitary pads on the day of periods. On the other hand, awareness programs are primarily run for the underprivileged population.  This program, a collaboration between Vertices Partners and Inaari, a Mumbai based women health care start up, is unique as it specifically targets the educated, working women professionals who also lack awareness of how the entire menstruation cycle that runs for 28 days, on an average, may affect their productivity, moods, and general health. It creates a safe space for the participants to gain insights into how diet and lifestyle impacts hormones and goes a step further, to equip them with the tools to identify and manage their individual menstruation health with an eye on the bigger picture of long-term management of other underlying health conditions. 


“Though menstrual cycle is an integral part of a woman’s health, it continues to remain one of the least understood aspects of our health. With this program, we are attempting to challenge conventional menstrual health and hygiene narratives overshadowed by societal taboos and influenced by deeply entrenched cultural biases in a male-dominated society. These awareness initiatives are aimed at enabling us, women, to live a more informed and fulfilling life through better management of our menstrual cycles,” stated Archana Khosla Burman, Founder Partner, Vertices Partners. 

“PMS and period cramps are common, not normal. The average woman spends 10 years of her life menstruating. Nature certainly didn’t design women to be in pain or discomfort for that long! I started Inaari with the sole purpose of helping women align their lives with their menstrual cycles and am elated to design & conduct this program for the women at Vertices Partners. We need more brands who truly care & don’t just make empty promises of gender balance,” stated Rashmi Putcha, Founder, Inaari

About Vertices Partners:

Vertices Partners is one of the top law firms in the country in the Private Equity and Venture Capital and is also highly regarded in the Corporate Practice and the Litigation Practice space. Established in the year 2016, the firm has done over 250 deals in the last five years of operation. In a short time-span, Vertices Partners has grown from a four-member team to a 40+ member team, outpacing its peers in the legal sphere. Being a start-up themselves, they work closely with other young start-ups and entrepreneurs, offering legal solutions. The Founding Partners actively support entrepreneurs to navigate through their entrepreneurial journeys at various stages. Most recently, the firm was enlisted in the Forbes India Legal Powerlist 2020 as one of the top firms in Private Equity & Venture Capital as well as Corporate and Commercial Practices. 

About Archana Khosla Burman:

Archana Khosla Burman is a Founder Partner of VERTICES PARTNERS. Her specialization areas are Corporate Commercial Laws, Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments, Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions, Buy-outs, Media & Entertainment and POSH. She is a trusted mentor and advisor to start-ups, right from inception to different stages of growth. 


Archana has been recognized as one of the Top under 40 Alternative Investment Professionals in India for the year 2021 by Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) and Indian Association of Alternative Investment Funds (IAAIF). She has also featured in the Indian Rising Stars 2021 by Asia Legal Business (Thomson Reuters) and the 40 under 40 Rising Star by Legal Era. Under her aegis, the Firm has been enlisted by Forbes India in the Legal Powerlist 2020 for both Private Equity and Venture Capital as well as Corporate Commercial Practices and recognised for Private Equity by Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners 2021.

Archana sits on the advisory board of several start-ups. She vociferously supports gender diversity and fair treatment. She is an active member of key industry organizations including FICCI, WICCI and ICC. With FICCI FLO, the women wing of FICCI, she spearheaded the workshop series, the ‘Start-Up Caravan’ that engages new and aspiring entrepreneurs at the grassroot levels. She also played a critical role in creating The Game Changers – Women Entrepreneurship Awards 2021 that brought together reputed investors to recognize promising women leaders in business. She is also the Executive Committee member, National Head – Programming and Content for FLO Start Ups.

About Inaari: 

Inaari is India’s first women’s health platform that is focused on hormonal health. Women’s hormone cycles are aligned to their menstrual cycles. Their nutritional needs, productivity at work, how they feel about themselves and others are different during different times of the month. The platform helps women combat not just issues related to hormonal imbalance (such as PMS, period cramps, weight gain, PCOS, PCOD etc) but also helps them to optimise other aspects of their lives such as productivity, sleep, mood, libido and inner energy. 

About Rashmi Putcha: 

An alumna of INSEAD business school, Rashmi is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with as her fourth startup. An evangelist of women’s health and empowerment, Rashmi quit from operations from her successful ventures to set up Inaari -a women’s health platform that is focused on improving hormonal health of women.


Her previous successful ventures include LIQVD ASIA (an advertising agency) and DMTI (a Digital Marketing training company). With over two decades of experience in advertising and a stellar track record of building businesses from the ground up, Rashmi is hopeful that with Inaari she will be able to help build an equal world where women have pain-free periods.

*This story is published by VOH team*

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