StanPlus to expand its Red Ambulance network pan-India, collaborates with Grip Invest to lease 100 ambulances

- Grip Invest will acquire ambulances by way of crowdfunding primarily through HNIs 

- StanPlus will initiate the partnership with 10 ambulances and eventually expand to 100

- HNIs can invest as little as INR 50,000 towards the initiative 

8th June 2021: India’s leading private patient logistics and emergency medical response company, StanPlus, has announced its collaboration with Grip Invest, a platform that offers investment opportunities in physical assets leased to corporates. With this, StanPlus will lease ambulances from Grip Invest to expand its Red Ambulance network across the country.

What makes this partnership unique, is that Grip Invest will allow people, such as HNIs, to invest in its leasing model starting with as little as INR 50K, thereby diversifying their investment portfolio, earning 17% IRR, and helping build the nation’s ambulance network during this challenging period. StanPlus will commence the partnership with 10 Red Ambulances and eventually expand to 100 across 30 cities. 

Speaking on the collaboration, Mr. Prabhdeep Singh, Founder and CEO, StanPlus, said, “A lot of people have reached out to us in the past to ask how they can help us in our mission to improve medical transportation services in India. Grip Invest offers them the perfect opportunity to do so while receiving significant returns on their investment. We will give monthly returns to the tune of 17% to Grip’s investors while being able to put more ambulances on Indian roads. This, I believe, was the need of the hour, and am grateful for Grip Invest for this much needed collaboration.”

Nikhil Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Grip Invest, said, “Leveraging the power of crowdfunding in order to put more life-saving ambulances on our roads is a noble and innovative idea. We are honoured to make this a reality for a company as dedicated to public welfare as StanPlus. Through our collaboration, we will be unlocking a chance to do good while earning substantial returns to our investors. We are looking forward to the positive outcomes from this initiative.”

StanPlus will be investing INR 2.5 crore for 10 ambulances which will grow to INR 27-28 crore for 100. The company aims to grow 3x within 2021, which requires it to enable a higher network of ambulances across its target geographies. The partnership with Grip Invest will accelerate the company’s growth while also expanding its capabilities to serve the nation. 


About StanPlus 

At StanPlus, we care for you & are constantly working towards making a better environment for those in need. Our global experience in medical transportation services allows us to deliver a perfect, reliable & glitch-free service to all. We have grown to become the pioneers in private ambulance services and are the leaders when it comes to ambulance service in Hyderabad. All of these achievements have only been possible due to our dedication of ensuring that our emergency responders can provide you with all the assistance in the quickest possible manner. Backed by a fleet of over 900 ambulances that work 24/7, guarantee medical transport within 15 minutes and are packed with top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained personnel, we are on our way to achieving our aim to deliver round the clock medical transport support to anyone in need 

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