Elisa Antigen Test to Fast-pace India’s testing, monitoring, and Covid-19 management efforts

22 June 2021: 1) Elisa Antigen Test is as Reliable as RT-PCT 

2) Costs significantly lower than RT-PCR test

3) Test-Result time Reduction to 2 hrs for 92 simultaneous tests

4) Minimal Infrastructure Required; Can be managed by Small Labs

5) J Mitra first Indian company to commercially produce this test

6) Suitable for VTM  ( Remote Collection) and non-VTM samples

7) The Principle of the kit is Sandwich Elisa

India’s biotechnology leader in the IVD space, J Mitra and Company has launched the Covid-19 Ag Microlisa Elisa Test kit (Elisa Antigen Test) for the Indian market. The test kit will provide an impetus to India’s fight against Covid-19 by significantly bringing down the overall cost of testing. It will also offer better time efficiencies by reducing the turnaround time between testing and results to just 2 hours. The principle of the test kit is Sandwich Elisa. Any open Elisa kit Reader available in the market can read the results. Open-system will result in efficient testing even in the remotest corners of the country. The country already has thousands of Elisa readers with laboratories across the country.


About the Test

The Covid-19 Ag Microlisa Elisa Test kit is the first kit designed for the in-vitro qualitative detection of Covid-19 nucleocapsid antigen in nasal and oropharyngeal swabs and sample diluent. The Elisa Antigen Covid-19 test offers high Sensitivity & Specificity, and accuracy equivalent to RT-PCR tests. And it does this at costs that are comparable to Rapid tests. The combination of low cost, speed, and accuracy makes the Elisa Antigen Covid-19 Test kit a powerful solution for the diagnostic labs to fast-pace India's comprehensive monitoring and detection process. All necessary approvals from ICMR and DCGI  have been received.

Lalit Mahajan, chairman of J Mitra & Co said, “The Elisa antigen test is our 10th R&D based product in the fight against Covid-19. We are committed to the masses and will strive to help in the eradication of the disease.”

Taking about practical usages of the EAT, Jatin Mahajan, managing director of J Mitra & Co, said, “The Elisa Antigen test will help in management and mitigation of risks through quicker and reliable results - positive patients can be quickly isolated. For the masses, this test will minimise uncertainty and confusion due to prolonged delays in test results – to decide whether it is safe to interact or isolate and quarantine. We hope to majorly transform the testing and detection scenario with this path-breaking product.”

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