2 July 2021, Healthtech startup and OPD disruptor Meddo raises pre-Series A round of $6 million and sets its sights on consolidating its disruption further.

Healthtech startup and outpatient care disruptor Meddo has recently closed its pre-Series A round of $6 million led by SRI Capital, Picus Capital, and Alkemi Capital. 

Launched in 2018 by Saurabh Kochhar (ex CEO at Foodpanda) and Dr Naveen Nishchal  (serial entrepreneur and Co-founder of Cygnus Hospitals), Meddo has been steadily disrupting the highly unorganized OPD and ambulatory space in the country by equipping OPD clinics with tech and digital solutions, transforming them into full-service medical centres with diagnostic support, ERM systems, medicine delivery services/support, and much more. 

In the last few months, the startup launched relevant solutions like L1 COVID centres, tele-consultation services, diagnostic solutions, and a useful and cost-effective healthcare membership called MeddoSure.

This recent round of pre-Series A Funding will help Meddo - an omnichannel healthcare player offering ‘patient-oriented Care’ - strengthen its national footprint, boost organic and inorganic expansion to strengthen the tech ecosystem it has pioneered, leverage the power of data analytics  to hyper-customize offerings to patient needs and innovate thoughtful features.

Meddo’s customer base is currently around 6 lakhs patients, with over 400 onboarded doctors from various super specialities. It has re-branded over 250+ clinics under the Meddo brand across Delhi/NCR

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