Unique for a Kerala hospital, KIMSHEALTH launches three comprehensive digital healthcare initiatives

6th July 2021: In a first of its kind initiative for a Kerala hospital, KIMSHEALTH has launched three digital initiatives exclusively for patient benefit and loaded with a string of facilities ranging from checking medical records to online appointment with doctors and use of artificial intelligence for radiology studies.

As part of its sustained digitalization process, KIMSHEALTH, a world-class multispecialty hospital here, has launched three cutting-edge initiatives. These are KIMSHEALTH Mobile Application, Tele ICU and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool, all of which are aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency, cost saving, patient safety and care quality. 

Launching the Patient Mobile App and Tele ICU, Shri V. Sivankutty, Minister for General Education and Labour, said that KIMSHEALTH had succeeded in bringing the latest technologies for the benefit of the common people and making healthcare accessible from home. 

“The government has high regard for the services of private hospitals in the state. During the pandemic, private hospitals played a major role along with government hospitals in containing it,” Shri Sivankutty added.
Dr M I Sahadulla, Group Chairman and Managing Director, KIMSHEALTH, who presided over the function, said that with the launch of these new facilities, KIMSHEALTH had taken a great step in ensuring affordable healthcare to all.  

Dr Sheriff Sahadulla, Group CEO, KIMSHEALTH, through videoconferencing, said that KIMSHEALTH had taken great strides in adopting new digital technologies, which would be the future of healthcare industry. 

Dr. Rathan U Kelker, State Mission Director, National Health Mission (NHM), who launched the AI tool through videoconferencing, said that the healthcare facilities based on the effective modern technologies will be hugely beneficial for people.

Dr G Vijayaraghavan, Vice-Chairman and Head of Cardiology, KIMSHEALTH, welcomed the gathering. Shri E.M. Najeeb, Executive Director, KIMSHEALTH, proposed a vote of thanks. Shri E. Iqbal, Director, KIMSHEALTH, was also present.

“The Patient Mobile App, besides enabling access to medical reports and fixing appointment with doctors, enables patients to see prescriptions, do online payments and even add family members to the app in a secure OTP based authorization,” said Shri Sreeni Venugopal, Group CIO.

Tele ICU, which provides remote ICU services, has its central monitoring station located at KIMSHEALTH Thiruvananthapuram and links smaller hospitals to it. Patient monitoring medical equipment with audio-visual supported high-resolution cameras are set up at the peripheral units so that the doctor sitting at the main center can see even the pupil dilation of the patients through the live feed over the Tele ICU system. Their vital parameters are streamed round the clock on cloud and doctors get to see these on their mobile phones.

The AI tool, which has numerous benefits, can perform thorough image analysis for specific clinical findings, such as analyzing CT head exams for anomalies related to intracranial (within the skull) haemorrhages. When radiologists are alerted to an AI-detected severe abnormality, they can respond more rapidly to potentially life-threatening cases.

Given the volume of X-ray and scans done at KIMSHEALTH on a daily basis, the AI tool will classify the X-Ray/CT scans as normal or abnormal and point out which needs doctor’s immediate attention. It will help reduce the load on radiologists besides giving a correct clinical assessment.

By launching these three sophisticated devices, KIMSHEALTH is poised to integrate medical expertise with IT applications and enormously improve patient care and supervision.

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