Epillo launches connected virtual healthcare platform and digital therapeutics in Asia.

15th July 2021: While COVID-19 has accelerated the shift towards digital health, disruptive Digi-health companies have driven fresh optimism, and could bring a turning point for the overburdened traditional healthcare industry.

Europe based digital health startup Epillo has launched a unique integrated mobile application for patients, connected with a digital health delivery system for healthcare practitioners, and care providers. This inter-connected technology is here to transform the quality of virtual care for patients while increasing the reach for healthcare providers (doctors, care teams, clinic managers, pharmacies, laboratories, health coaches, dieticians) and patients. The Epillo mobile app is available on iOS and Android Play stores in Asia and UAE.

Epillo Health Systems is a digital healthcare company based in Europe, aimed at transforming the medical technology landscape by incorporating the best of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain in digital healthcare applications. 

As the Digital revolution converges with Healthcare into the exciting new field of Digital health, we are easily able to track, manage and improve both our health and of the ones we love. Digital Health is helping to reduce inefficiencies in delivery of care by making healthcare more connected while at the same time it is streamlining access, improving quality and making medicine more personalized and precise. 

Epillo has been working on products and features to empower people and healthcare organizations around the world with the information, assistance, and connections they need to act on their health. We’re developing technology solutions, tools and deep insights to enable care teams to deliver better, faster and more connected care, while exploring the use of artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Blockchain to assist critical care and wellness in predicting Drug-Food and Drug-Drug Interactions, preventing Adverse Drug Effects (ADRs), and much more innovation around the pill.

Epillo Health’s electronic medical records service intuitively organizes patient visits, helps providers document faster and more accurately, and sets a doctor’s practice up for future success - whether you’re a small practice or a large healthcare system. The inter-connected solution line has systems for Doctors, Care-teams, Clinic managers, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Health coaches, Dieticians and finally a connected m-app for Patients. 

Epillo Health’s clinical solution line called “INTRx Clinical” offers all the tools a doctor/clinic needs to deliver better patient care – from managing patient flow to ePrescribing, teleconsultations, patient engagement and coordinated care, patient monitoring and analytics, combining into a single clinical, administrative and financial solution.

The solution Includes an Intelligent e-prescription platform, e-health records management, Administrative workflow, Billing management, appointment management, Inventory Management and Virtual care management solution, all connected with m-app for patients.

The “Epillo” mobile application is currently free and will have a premium subscription model as well in near future. The premium offering will include Drug-Drug and Drug-Food management analysis for patients, connected device monitoring and wellbeing management features, creating a complete medical, health and wellness suite supported by 24x7 virtual primary and speciality care assistance as quoted by Epillo’s CEO Aasif Shah.

About 3 to 7% of all hospital admissions in the United States alone are for treatment of adverse drug reactions. Adverse drug reactions occur during 10 to 20% of hospital admissions, and about 10 to 20% of these reactions are severe or deadly. A majority of ADRs are reported for nervous system medications, followed by cardiovascular medicines.

As a truly innovative category creator, the company has been exploring the use of AI and ML to assist critical care and wellness in managing Drug-Food and Drug-Drug Interactions, preventing Adverse Drug Effects (ADRs) which is seen through their patent activity on Drug-Food Interaction management technology. The company has been earlier appraised at $150 M for their Drug-Food Technology by an International Valuation firm.

Future updates in the solution will witness the solution hosted over a decentralized ledger model. The adoption of the blockchain distributed ledger model in Epillo’s Digital Health solutions will create an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy, and security in health data for healthcare stakeholders and patients, offering an innovative new way to ensure robust data integrity while giving patients more access and control over their data in our healthcare applications” says Dr. Bhupinder Singh (Chair of Board, Epillo Health Systems)

*This story is published by VOH team*

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