27 July 2021: CrelioHealth invites diagnostics experts and decision-makers to be part of EXPERT SPEAKS : A unique leadership talk platform that is bridging stakeholders in the fast evolving diagnostics space with actionable insights, future-ready solutions and cutting-edge ideas. 

The diagnostics industry is in a state of flux. Trends like digitalization, robotization, automation, value chain integration and multi-disciplinary synergy (across biotechnology, genetics and nanotechnology) are fast upending the terrain. Indeed, experts are of the opinion that, in many ways, Diagnostics has entering the fourth industrial revolution. 


CrelioHealth – a young and progressive cohort of health and tech evangelists passionate about empowering people to make better decisions through easy access to information and best-of-breed products in healthcare diagnostics - is on a mission to ease the transformative journey of the diagnostics industry into a bold new future. As an important step in that direction, CrelioHealth has launched Expert Speaks. 
Hosting leading minds in the space who engage in thought-provoking and future-facing discussions and idea exchanges over focussed conversation sessions, CrelioHealth Expert Speaks is addressing a need gap in the space by sharing expert knowledge with diagnostics providers and users who seek solutions in their day to day laboratory management challenges. 



CrelioHealth Expert invites and curates frontline experts from the diagnostics sector for this unique talk platform. The team then co-creates specialized, timely and helpful content with these leaders in the form of videos and AMA sessions – bringing the industry and communities greater understanding and clarity about the trends, disruptions and ways ahead. 

Diagnostic centres of every size, shape and type can access any information by connecting with experts through this initiative, by asking questions and enabling training sessions for practical knowledge as well. 

The following experts have featured on the Leadership Series in the past:

1) Dr Eugene D’souza (MD)

Victor Hospital / SRL Diagnostics / Fidelity Diagnostics/ Arogyam Pathology Centre
Senior Consultant Pathologist

2) Dr Ravi Gaur

(Director & Chair Medical Advisory Committee)
Onquest Laboratories Ltd.

3) Dr Manimalar Selvi Naicker
Consultant Histopathologist & Statistician 
MBBS, M.Path (Histopathology), M.Med.Stats

The topics covered with these experts are -

1) Covid- 19 testing, challenges and how to overcome them

2) How to give a better patient experience

3) Managing Inventory and how to reduce wastage

4) How to monitor Finance, and how to use data to make business decisions

5) How to promote your lab effectively and build a brand

6) How to solve mistakes at different phases of lab operations using the right data



CrelioHealth Expert Speaks invites experienced industry experts to be a part of this movement. Domain Experts and Thought Leaders can reach out to the platform to share knowledge, bridge with stakeholders and play a pivotal role in the sector’s transformative odyssey.



CrelioHealth is a next generation cloud based platform that helps you take care of your Diagnostic Center & manage it better with insights & analytics. The goal of Expert Speaks –  a pioneering knowledge sharing program from CrelioHealth – is to  enable easy access to ready and authentic information and solutions by every player in the diagnostics ecosystem - by transferring wisdom & best practices straight from diagnostics experts themselves. 


*This story is published by VOH team*

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