Patents Granted for HiMedia Salivol and Stoocol Sample Collection Devices

10th August 2021: The Molecular Biology business of HiMedia, HiGenoMB® achieves another major breakthrough as it proudly announces the issuance of Patents for its sample collection devices, Salivol™ and Stoocol™.

Amongst the newest innovations are Salivol™ and Stoocol™, devices used for collection of saliva and stool samples respectively. In the present day, various facets of the diagnostics workflow in a clinical lab set up have been brought to light; one such aspect is the Specimen collection and plastic ware associated for the same. It has become exceedingly important that Clinical samples be collected in the right manner and are transported intact for maintaining good sample health so as to not affect the quality of testing negatively. HiGenoMB® realises the important technicalities involved in this process and have come up with distinctive designs which not only enables one to conveniently collect and transport samples to labs, but they can also be directly processed for nucleic acid extraction.


Dr. Kavita Khadke, Director of Molecular Biology says, “Convenience of sample collection, packing and ensuring the integrity of sample during transportation in a leakproof container is the need of the hour.”

As quoted by Dr. Rajas Warke, Director for Molecular Biology at HiMedia Labs. Pvt. Ltd. “Sometimes, making a small change leads to a major difference. Venturing into specialised Plastic ware necessary for Molecular Diagnostics is a crucial step for us as we have now grown onto becoming the only Indian company to manufacture everything from Instruments, reagents and plastic ware indigenously in our attempt to create a Self-reliant country in the Molecular Biology market space.”  

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About HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

HiMedia is one of the largest Indian Biosciences company, providing solutions to over 150 countries worldwide with an all-inclusive product range catering to Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Animal Cell culture, Plant Tissue culture, Bio chemicals, Laboratory Aids, Molecular Diagnostic instruments and more. HiGenoMB® encompasses the Molecular Biology Product Range of HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Comprising of DNA/RNA Extraction kits, PCR reagents, NASBA (Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Amplification tests), Proteomics, Molecular biology grade chemicals and buffers and Instrumentation for Research & Diagnostics. Covering major aspects of the most dynamic branches of the Life Sciences group, HiGenoMB® team strives hard to make molecular work enjoyable with its user friendly product range.

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