With 100 Cath Labs in 3 Years, IITPL celebrates its ambitious vision of making India Heart healthy.

16 Sept, 2021:

With 100 Cath Labs in 3 Years, IITPL celebrates its ambitious vision of making India Heart healthy.

IITPL - India's fastest growing & Asia’s most awarded Cath Lab manufacturing company based in Bengaluru – recently celebrated the 100th Cath Lab installation in India.

Founded in 2016, IITPL is a leading MedTech company that is disrupting the cardiovascular market with its design excellence and innovation. Since its inception, the organization has launched 4 Cath Lab models with a singular goal to make Cardiac Interventions more precise and safer. The Pinnacle family of Cath Labs has won 10 international and national awards including, India Medical Device company of the Year, Good Design, Red Dot Award, National Innovation award by TDB, Top 25 Innovative Company of the year, to name a few. 
IITPL recently celebrated the 100 th (and counting) Cath Lab installation in India within three years of commercialization, which is a testament to their strength in design and innovation. IITPL is celebrating the entire month of September with various activities to promote Heart Health such as,

1. Fitness bands to all the employees

2. 100 K Relay Marathon Run

3. Sponsoring Cardiac medicine for 100 patients for one year

4. 100 saplings plantation across India

An ongoing quest to keep India Heart Healthy

Cardiovascular Disease is the number one cause of death in India, with over 2 million deaths in a year. India has approximately 55 million CVD patients and, getting quality heart care is still a challenge for many of them. There are only 275 districts out of 718 Districts in India that have a Cath Lab. IITPL has taken a pledge to install an IITPL Cath Lab in all 718 districts of India by 2030. 
IITPL is committed to this cause and is working towards making cardiac care accessible to everyone. 

What’s next for IITPL?

Innovation runs deep in DNA and, staying true to their ideology, IITPL is launching its 5th Gen, State-of-the-Art Cath Lab in 2021. The 5th Gen variant is all set to hit the market in December 2021 with a slew of cutting-edge features. Some of the standout features are... 

1. Single plane, Cardiovascular and Interventional system

2. Proprietary, first in the world gantry movement for complete anatomical coverage for cardiovascular and all vascular procedure

3. 3 MHU liquid metal bearing x-ray tube, 100KW generator 

4. Live stent clarity TM (Digital Stent Enhancement)

5. 90 degrees table pivot rotation for high-end vascular procedures

6. Optional OCT/IVUS co-registration with any brand of IVUS and OCT equipment

7. Virtual FFR integration capabilities

The upcoming variant will have Procedural comfort with versatile capabilities, better penetration with deeper angles, and have superior image quality. 
Ushering a bigger and fitter future
Along with this, IITPL is also set to make its international debut with Pinnacle Agile, which is CE marked and will be precisely "Made In India, for the World"
IITPL is on a mission to have Infinite Inventions In The Treatment of CVD and making India heart healthy.  


*This PR is published by VOH Team*

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