Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani

Voice of Healthcare Limelight features Dr.Girdhar Gyani - ‘CHANKYA of Quality’ - widely recognized as the founder of health care Quality in India, having played a pivotal role in formulation and operation of NABH for the first time in the country.


Edit Medikabazaar is a tech enabled pioneering company aimed at addressing the quandaries and irregularities of medical supplies procurement of hospitals and healthcare centers .

Mr. Neeraj Lal

Mr Neeraj Lal whose motto in life is to excel, higher and higher for healthcare delivery system

J. Mitra & Co Pvt Ltd

“A right blend of products, pro-industry policy initiatives, supportive ecosystem, leverage on latent talent pool, and prudent investment strategies can position India on the global map as an IVD manufacturing hub”

Affordable Access to Medical Devices

Author – Dr. Naveen Nishchal The Clinical Establishment’s Act 2010 –enacted in 2012- aims at regulating the public and private health sector with an emphasis on Quacks, or Unqualified Medical Practitioners (UMP) in India, adherence to standards and the elimination of quackery.