Catch Dr Pankaj Gupta (Head - Digital Health, Access Health International) dwell on how, despite tremendous advances thanks to technology and investments, Healthcare could have progressed much more had there been better governance, benchmarks and adoption. That’s changing now, thanks to future-facing policies and schemes like #NationalHealthPolicy, #AyushmanBharat and #UniversalHealthCoverage. It is finally time for Healthcare to leverage the new levers and move on to the next level. To achieve that target, Dr Pankaj Gupta recommends ground-up advancement – right across the primary to tertiary care spectrum and including financial coverage and insurance – with particular focus on capacity building using the power of technology and digital. According to Dr Gupta, a lubricator platform approach like a digital health platform, rather than a systems approach, is the way forward.

Sat-Oct 31,2020

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