We are reaching the voices of stakeholders spread across the healthcare spectrum to relevant echelons and corridors of authority via active policy advocacy, thereby engineering measurable, significant and lasting shifts in the status-quo. Our Action Councils and Task Forces cobbled together quickly to respond to urgencies, mandates and emergencies at short notice and trigger expedient interventions. We partner with governments, institutions, businesses, leadership groups and NGO’s to mobilize ideas, manpower and resources with the goal of evangelizing technology (such as digital health, mobile health and emerging healthcare systems that are based on cutting-edge tech trends such as Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things), facilitating research, spurring innovation and building knowledge pools.We want to usher a new age of leadership and talent in the healthcare space. To that end, we are building critical competencies and grooming future-ready mindsets through strategic executive education, leadership programs, seminars, workshops, lifelong learning and knowledge exchange programs in association with leading education, skilling and certification bodies. VOH is also playing a role in developing a culture, compass and mind-set for new age entrepreneurship in healthcare by bringing Founders, Funders and Finders at every point of the start-up value ecosystem : Be it concepts, mentorship, resources, funds, talent, training, legal support or beyond. Events is one of our pillars. We organize a diverse, contextual and strategically planned calendar of digital and offline events round the year which are designed to address and augment contemporary trends and disruptions in healthcare, unlock synergy and help stakeholders in the healthcare domain prepare better for the future.The healthcare sector has traditionally lacked a platform for serious deliberations, analysis and narratives. VOH NETWORK aims to address this gap with a multi-dimensional media collective spanning digital, video, audio, social, TV, movie and other channels. The overarching objective is to unite visionaries, game-changers and industry captains under one engaging roof to inform, engage and keep audiences and stakeholders ahead via powerful reportage, compelling storytelling and co-created content. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. VOH fosters the spirit of excellence in healthcare (and allied domains) by paying tribute to change-makers, felicitating the success stories of achievers and encouraging emerging talent. We are all set to take our mission of positive transformations across the globe by forging strategic bridges around the world and entering into meaningful partnerships with nations like Great Britain, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal.


MISSION To make healthcare a priority of all. To be the voice of all healthcare stakeholders across the globe and make every voice count. To maximize potential by unlocking synergies and co-creating growth journeys. To make healthcare available to all via holistic, positive and lasting transformation.


VISION enable and empower every spoke and stakeholder in Healthcare by mobilizing interventions, providing platforms and innovating programs. To create a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that involves all concerned parties in and around Healthcare to build impact via co-generated momentum and focussed activities.

Chairman's Message


Dr NAVEEN NISHCHAL I am honoured to be part of VOH industry-connect platform empowering voices within healthcare. At VOH, we champion collaboration, innovation, and meaningful dialogue. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare, where every voice matters. Together, we elevate the conversation and drive positive change.

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