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17 February 2024

Public Health Awareness


BE CLEAR: A Journey from Awareness to Action Understanding Biliary Tract Cancers

Voice of Healthcare is organizing a virtual campaign on Biliary Tract Cancer Awareness primary goal of this virtual panel discussion series is to shed light on the multifaceted aspects of Biliary Tract Cancer, covering diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management in the current era. By bringing together medical experts, patient support groups, patients and thought leaders in the field, we aim to provide valuable insights and information to healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public.


17 Feb 2024


Empowering Oncology Through Nutrition: Cancer Awareness Month

In India, one in nine people is likely to develop cancer in his/her lifetime. Lung and breast cancers were the leading sites of cancer in males and females, respectively. Therefore, it is crucial to plan cancer prevention and control activities through the intervention of early detection, risk reduction, and management.

"Empowering Oncology Through Nutrition" is a series of expert dialogues that focus on risk reduction and cancer prevention by striving to bridge the gap between conventional oncology approaches and the often-overlooked realm of nutrition. The series will bring together leading voices in the fields of oncology and nutrition, fostering a dynamic exchange of insights, knowledge, and innovative strategies. By focusing on nutrition, we aim to empower individuals to take control of their health, reduce their cancer risk, and support those undergoing treatment.

Voice of Healthcare, in collaboration with Esperer, has taken this initiative to design a virtual campaign to increase public knowledge and an understanding of the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and educate individuals, patients and their families, and caregivers.


9 Feb 2024


World Cancer Day: Close The Care Gap

Join us for a powerful campaign, 'Close The Care Gap: World Cancer Day,' where we shed light on critical aspects of cancer awareness through insightful panel discussions.Shedding light on Bladder Cancers: Engage in a comprehensive discussion exploring the nuances of bladder cancers, aiming to increase awareness and understanding. Empowering Awareness: Understanding and Preventing Endometrial Cancers: Delve into the world of endometrial cancers as our expert panel empowers you with the knowledge to understand, prevent, and navigate through these challenges. Navigating the Journey: Insights into Urological Cancers and Empowering Awareness: Explore the journey of urological cancers with our expert panel, providing valuable insights and empowering awareness for better outcomes. Navigating Endometrial Cancer: Patient Insights and Treatment Advancements: Gain valuable insights into endometrial cancer, including patient perspectives and advancements in treatment. Our expert panel aims to provide a holistic view of navigating this cancer journey.

Join us in this impactful campaign as we bridge the care gap, fostering awareness, understanding, and empowerment in the fight against cancer.


4 Feb 2024


Clinical Onco-Nutrition Program

There is clinical evidence that proper Onco-Nutrition improves response to cancer treatment and overall survival - some large studies show 40% or more lower mortality among those following professional guidelines regarding diet. We want maximum patients to take benefit of this, and hence are offering free consultations to patients, followed with detailed daily diet planner personalized to patients' individual needs & preferences

This is part of our larger NGO project where we are dedicating Rs 10 crs worth consultations towards 100,000 cancer patients on the occasion of World Cancer Day (04-Feb)


1 Feb 2024



World Arthritis Day is a global initiative that aims to raise awareness about arthritis, promote early diagnosis, and encourage access to treatment and care. Arthritis is a growing concern in India, affecting millions of people across the nation. To address this critical issue,we propose a virtual series of panel discussions featuring leading doctors from 24 districts of India that are disproportionately affected by arthritis. This initiative aims to create public health awareness and provide valuable education to the masses. 


9 Oct 2023

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